Getting my name up there

Videocompilation / Videoinstallation

1999 / 2010

The video compilation F I R E F L I E S & GETTING MY NAME UP THERE consists of two films, which are closely linked and were shot in 1999 and ten years later (2009) in New York, investigating the self-reflection, survival strategies and personal development of five women in their role as musicians. In both the music film F I R E F L I E S (1999) and GETTING MY NAME UP THERE (2010), the artists are confronted with questions about their personal visions, fame, money and happiness.

The protagonists were chosen in 1999, after Katharina Cibulka started searching for female bands by handing out flyers in New Yorker clubs and bars. Ten years later, she returned to New York and once again got in touch with the women to interview them about their lives.

The questions asked illuminate their professional dreams and the social standing of their lives in a socio-economic context. The women’s answers and attitudes reveal the discrepancies that their experiences brought forth during the ten years that separate the two films and also show partial shifts in the women’s personal goals.

Multi-Channel-Video-Installation, 16mm on PAL, 4:3 (10 minutes), Video, 16:9 (20 minutes), Vienna / New York 1999 / 2010.



SOLO III Katharina Cibulka, Fotogalerie Wien, 2012 (Exhibition view)

I ASKED, Neue Galerie Innsbruck, 2011

Semper Depot Wien, 2010 (Exhibition view)


Videostills: Ferdinand Cibulka