since 2018

As long as I say career and you hear family management, I will be a feminist. As long as power entices men to abuse women, I will be a feminist. As long as equality is a never-ending construction site, I will be a feminist. As long as god has a beard, I will be a feminist. As long as women’s power is an underrated energy source, I will be a feminist.

SOLANGE / AS LONG AS is a communicative art project that promotes dialogue. It aims to create awareness of gender inequalities people experience in our society. Our means of communication is a 200 to 400 m2 artwork – hand-embroidered scaffolding nets on construction sites.

To date, we have installed nearly 30 nets. Further international expansion of the project is underway.  Every SOLANGE net features a sentence starting with “As long as…“ and ending with “…I will be a feminist“. Cross-stitched in large pink tulle letters onto a construction site scaffolding net it is mounted on construction sites for the public to experience.

The nets create a field of tension between the traditionally gendered connotations of craftwork as female and construction sites as male.

The slogans address subjects that evolve from extensive discussions on pressing feminist issues. The main focus is to call out and question prevalent social power structures.


In collaboration with: Tina Themel (text), Margarethe Clausen (text editing English), Vivian Simbürger (embroidery), Marie Themel (Instagram), Birgit Schmoltner (press).


Instagram: @solange_theproject


Photo credits: Bernd Hofbauer, Katharina Cibulka, Ferdinand Cibulka, Hannes Engl