Eco Land Art


26. November 2022 – 26. Februar 2023

ECO LAND ART I Taxispalais, Innsbruck

With Marwa Arsanios, Alex Cecchetti, Katharina Cibulka, Hannelore Nenning and Amol K Patil

How do we want to encounter and live with land and landscape? Can art’s ability to facilitate constellations of deep perception and thoughtful affection play a role in this? Could art be actualised as an antidote to the interventionist, exploitative and colonialist logic of land use – a logic that was also perpetuated by avant-garde land art in the USA?

Can we use artistic actions, discussions and readings to practise situating ourselves in a humble communion with the land? The artists of Eco Land Art invite us to encounter landscape and land – both in the exhibition spaces of TAXISPALAIS and outside the art institution.

Curated by Nina Tabassomi

Photo credits: Katharina Cibulka, Günter Kresser